Maryland Center of Excellence for Sustainment Sciences


MChESS teaches and facilitates industry short courses in a number of system sustainment topic areas:

Electronic Part Obsolescence Forecasting Mitigation and Management

This course reviews DMSMS management best practices, the various mitigation approaches, and available methods of forecasting the obsolescence of parts.  In addition, pro-active methods for managing obsolescence are discussed, including design refresh planning and the use of ASICs. The course is divided into 6 sections that cover introduction to electronic part obsolescence, forecasting, mitigation, management plan and case resolution, strategic management, total ownership cost modeling, and software obsolescence.

The course includes a review of commercial databases and associated decision support tool offerings.

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Electronic Product and System Cost Analysis

This course provides an in-depth understanding of predicting cost of systems.  Elements of traditional engineering economics are melded with manufacturing process modeling, life-cycle cost management concepts, and selected concepts from environmental life-cycle cost assessment to form a practical foundation for predicting the real cost of electronic products. 


Short Courses

The following short courses are offered through the CALCECenter: